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  • Rayne, Secrets, Stak & Lost Angel, Better Known as HAVIK. Havik is a group consisting of a fast paced rap with harmony blend style. All members originating from different areas of the U.S. gives Havik a unique influential style. Havik is currently working on several projects for 2019. After some time away from the studio, Havik returns in 2019 with full force asking you once again, "Whats Your Status?" 

Havik was formed late in 2007 over the internet by all five original members: Rayne, Lost Angel, Stak, Secrets & Ness Rhyme. Together they released their first album, "The Road Ahead" in September of 2008. The second album, "Feel The Vibe" was released the following year in June. Both were written, recorded and mixed while the respective members lived in seperate states. Ness Rhyme withdrew from an active role in the group during the making of "Feel The Vibe", leaving the remaining four members to carry on. In 2009 Havik began working on "The Third Lane", In January, 2010 Havik united in person for the first time in Raleigh, NC. A month later the group all relocated to Baltimore, MD to finish recording the verses for "The Third Lane". The Third Lane was released December 3rd, 2010 ass the groups first album released for sale. The album is Available on Itunes; Napster, Rhapsody & Amazon. During this time period Havik became affiliated with Singer "Jazz" of Dru Hills independant label "Taj Ent.". Due to complications the affiliation came to an end before any release with the company. After "The Third Lane", the group focused on other projects for several years to follow. During this time. Lost Angel & Secrets released their duet album "Revolutionary". Rayne of Havik collaborated  with artist "Overtime", who is based out of Missoula, Montana,  releasing their duet album: "Through Hell & Back". Rayne of Havik also released a free mixtape entitled "Rayne Classics", which covered highlights of his early work.  The mixtape was released on datpiff. Lost Angel of Havik released solo albums: "Dorian Gray", "Prelude to Madness", & "#MoneySexMusicLies". Lost Angel also founded a new company during this time, teaming up with artists, "Secrets of Havik", "Longway" & "Joshua Smyth", under the name "Flight From Nowhere" Records.  They went on to release 3 albums including "The Lions Den" & "Novaleague Chronicles (1&2)". 

Havik continues stronger than ever and is slated to release several projects, some which include: Rayne & Secrets - Music in The Mirror;  A Stak solo album; Rayne - Bi Polar; Secrets - The Same New Me, Lost Angel - Sorrows Road ep, and of course Havik - Infinity. To follow up and stay updated, click the home page to visist any of Haviks social network pages, or Contact HAVIK at Havikmusic@Gmail.com



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