1. Wake Em Up



Waking up

And I'm bound to be down for whatever it is, cuz im checking my account and I don't make enough

I don't wanna get desperate, determined to do it all, or whatever's been destined

Underrated as fuck

I'm blessed when I'm top 10 best, only rest when I win

And yes I'm invested in many ways to rock this

I'm crazy, in a room full of doctors

Asked the Doc when I can leave

Cuz I feel too locked in

My breathing feel like I been boxed in

Sec screened the dotted, but they Doctored the doctrine

And now my conscience is talking

Saying I should have weighed some more options

But what options did I have when the last train said all aboard or keep walking

Forget it, it's time to get this money

Dues been paid, and damn it's bloody

Think about the journey and what really do concern me is the time that it took to get this dirty

My day ones, my family, my friends, my bloods must have dipped. Fake love.

They counterfeits, listened and watched from a distance, ain't support shit

Yah yah yah, will I get that money, man I hope so, yah yah

I've survived worst being broke so, yah yah

Since they sleeping on us, waking em up with some deadly intentions, exactly my sentiments, finding my way in your dreams and turn it into a nightmare


Yeah they sleepin on us, bet we wake em up

Cut my day ones off cuz they was fakin love

Had to change the recipe, my cake ain't bake enough

Yeah they sleepin on us, bet we wake em up

Tryna take what's in my pocket, that's a no no, yeah yeah

Tryna 1B dollar like we Harpo, yeah yeah

Spit that Draco for the ones that's runnin up

If they still sleepin on us then we wake em up

Lost Angel:

Okay they comin’ for my profits,

Got they hands all in my pockets...

All the slick talk they can stop it,

Just follow my moves, I know ya’ll watchin’,

Finna call me Krueger in these streets,

I’ma Nightmare on beats,

I hope they got that hypnocil, cause they been sleepin’ on me,

Everybody on the dick now actin’ like they been down,

Got me feelin’ sick how they perpetrate like trynna be our friends now,

I remember way back in the day, it was a struggle to get plays, cause they wanna see us breakdown,

I’ve had some day ones turn they backs, but trust I’m good with that,

Only got real ones in my circle, make it, I think I could with that,

See I dream big, grind hard, create more when the times hard,

It’s No stoppin’ til’ i’m in that coffin’, cuz It’s sink or swim, and I’ma lifeguard,

So you wanna come try to pull my card,

I No life the game, I’ma try hard,

I spit them facts, no sidebar,

And all my fans they die hard,


Alotta day ones say they hate me

Alotta fake ones feel the envy

But when I was struggling nothing was bubbling

Darkness encumbered I slipped n I stumbled wit pure hearted humble

ready to rumble with emcess that encourage the mumble

Selling they souls for a couple of numbers


What I'm really trying to say is who want it what

You dont really got the skills in the middle of the field with a psycho astronaut

Rolling blunts by the pound n who likes to rap a lot

Get trashed n I rock any show that we hit

Cuz the flow that we spit

Been sick since 96 or maybe was it 95 when they invented the style that everybody utilizes but they never give any credit about

The epitome of rapping to infinity wit abundant ability additionally got the nuts to hang fuck around n soak up this game

And it’s Towns by the way formally known as stak but we signed with the bone so I respectfully gave it back n dont hate me Jack I was 13 years old

Lost Angel:

Yah yah yah...

They gon’ recognize or get rolled over

Yah yah yah,

This goes out all who gave cold shoulders,

Yah yah yah,

Best not clown around, or i’ll go IT boy...

They’ll all float, keep’em drownin’ in these hits boy....



dont nobody wanna struggle

im about the money, gotta get it,

give it up, i want it now,

pushin my body to its limits to get a bit of it,

a man a mission im ready for whatever counts,

gotta get me the cheddar no matter how now,

Til’ I got a lot ill never bow out,

give it to me when i make it, or i come and take it,

i aint playin, while you thinkin imma bow down,

im about my dough,

where it is, imma go get it in,

never slow, gonna get what im owed,

cuz i meant it when I told,

everybody im broke,

and im workin everyday, and im sick tryna cope, when i know, (whoa)

cash rules everything around me now i need a boat (load)

gotta go get money, beyond the common American,

I really wanna see all that dough (flow),

kinda sick of livin legitament, when i know a lot of shady muthafuckas lovin how they livin,

when im sick of never gettin tha kinda shit i invision,

and bitchin im really over it,

bout to start trippin here in a minute,

imma cynic, tryna a step up in tha 'business so its really benefitin when i hit it,

til im winnin, imma kill it never stop until i finish, for the money imma menace so you know im bouta get it (get it),

non-stop tryna make a dollar outta nothin,

imma put in work and never let em (hold me down)

always on a hustle weather mental or muscle, the money mustn't get low (gotta grow amounts)2x

and until the day that money made is gave to us

then we just may have to wake em up (lets wake em up)


I suppose there is people that wanna hate a real deal

(ya ya ya ya ya)

Its gon' cost them a life in this game they play foreal, chill

(fuckin chill)

(I Think you're trashX2)

Show em' the force of Rayne, slow verbally burst out my lungs

Bruh take a seat, you're gone with no luck, always comin' after me, with no love

Gimme a spot to shine, then give me a minute to take off and land me a deal

Gone and im blastin' off from my seat, never comin' on back, i take off and thats real

We Mo Thugs, yall fucked up. Tough in the brain so ya'll can't hate no more,

And I scream all that i got, now let me spin my wheel.

Hit em' with the bomb inside the brain

I step in the game with a ledgendary artist, gotta do my thang

and uh, it's on god and me, that yall hate finna be going away, never coming back mayne.

When I step up, i'm letting my monster show

I'm feeding that mother fucker a group of you doubting hoes.

I gotta be fillin' it up full tank, don't fuck with me, any part of me. Lets Go

(lets fuckin' Go)

(Wake Em Upx9)

(ya ya ya ya ya ya)

Sound waves coming from the mind frame, evolution puts a bullet right up in ya blind face

Giving you a vision when I tell you what it is I think

Im talkin' about your moments of talkin' shit all up on me

(I Think you're Trashx3)

I don't give a fuck about nobody talkin shit

im rippin' it like a havik brotha right up up in this

if anybody else sleepin' on us know we gonna, Wake em up.