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I started rapping & making music as a young teen. Eventually, I gravitated towards the engineering side of things, as I preferred being behind the scenes. In 2008, I enrolled at Mediatech Institute in Dallas, TX. Gained tons of knowledge and experience working in their studios. I graduated in 2009, and started freelancing as an engineer to gain more experience. Throughout the years, I have ran sessions in various studio settings. All the way from project studios in a shed, to bedroom studios, to professional facilities. I have been lucky enough to work with clients out of Luminous Sound, fifty50 Studios, Dallas Sound Lab & Nomad Recording Studio. Credits: Harmony Howse Ent/ Mo Thugs Records "Havik", Rayne of Havik, Secrets of Havik, IIKold Syndicate, peezyA, Blacc HoZay, 3Kingz, Lucky Luciano, Coast, Tree Dogg, Flosja and more.

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