Overtime & Rayne - Through Hell and Back OG Hardcopies

We have 6 hard copies of the original press of artists "Overtime" and "Rayne of Havik" duet album "Through Hell and Back". The album was completed in the time frame of 2011-2014. Both artists at the time were underground local music friends. Since then, both artists have moved on to bigger and better things. Here is an article of Overtime's latest accomplishments:

While Rayne of Havik took nearly 7 years off after the Duo released their album together, he himself has been making noise and starting his music career back up with a bang, Signing with Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs n Harmonys "Harmony Howse Ent./ Mo Thugs Records". Here is some information:

Two artists destined for big things recorded this album before it all. This item will most definitely become a collectors item and is available now! Whether you are a music collector or a fan, This physical album will definitely hold heavy weight as both of their stories progress.