Rayne of Havik

His real name is Cory Florez. He was born August 25th, 1988 in Toledo, Ohio. Rayne originated from the music group "Brotherz" in 2001, which included his brother "J". Together they founded JnC Records. He joined a drug-prevention team in his early teens which allowed him to perform all over the U.S. His first professional audition was for Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men. He later won a Toledo Talent Search in 2008, for Capitol Records. Red flags of the rep made the deal a no go for him. Rayne is a founding member of musical hip hop group "Havik", formed late in 2007. They released their first album, "The Road Ahead" in Sept. of 2008. The second album, "Feel The Vibe" was released the following year in June. Havik began working on "The Third Lane", In January, 2010. The Third Lane was released December 3rd, 2010. Havik became affiliated with Singer "Jazz" of Dru Hills independant label "Taj Ent.". Due to complications the affiliation ended quickly. After "The Third Lane", Rayne collaborated with artist "Overtime", out of Missoula, Montana, on the song "Gypsy" for Overtimes album "Divided We Fall", which peaked #4 on the billboards. Havik reunited officially in 2019 and released a new album entitled "Infinity" on May 1st 2020. Three days later on May 4th, Havik signed with "Layzie Bone" of Platinum selling recording group "Bone Thugs n Harmony". Havik officially joined the Mo Thugs/Harmony Howse Ent. Roster and are slated to release an album in 2021.

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