Secrets of Havik

Secrets, real name Steven Alexander, was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 15th, 1985. Never having the opportunity to live with his mother or father, he was raised in many locations by different family members over the years. Faced with early hardships and surfacing struggles, Secrets became familiar with street life as he ran into problems at a young age. At 12 years, he had his first run in with the police. He was arrested for gun possession and spent time in juvenile. Afterwards, Secrets continued to move from place to place throughout his lifetime. He attended nearly 13 different schools up until his attendance in high school. In 2005, his mother passed away at the age of 37. This added misery dragged him down an already darkened path. For Secrets, everything seemed like it was falling apart. As a young man, he searched for an escape as he developed an interest in writing. He began writing short stories, songs, poetry, parodies, books, scripts, and so on. This helped him a great deal by keeping his mind on something productive. He created a passion for words, more importantly, story telling. By dwelling deeper into this craft, he began to focus on music as a form of expression. In 2006, Secrets released his first solo album titled, “Stories Untold”. Around this time, he was offered a spot in JnC Records. Initially, he declined several times. After more thought and convincing, he accepted the offer. From there, he crossed paths with Rayne, Lost Angel, Ness Rhyme, Stak, and other JnC artists. As JnC artists, they recorded their first track, “Do What You Gotta Do”, which received an overwhelming, but positive, array of feedback. Later, Rayne created the infamous rap group “Havik” and a brotherhood emerged. The group, in 2008, released their first album properly titled, “The Road Ahead”. Immediately after, the group began vigorously working on their next album "Feel The Vibe" in 2009, "The Third Lane" in 2010 and finally "Infinity" in 2020. Secrets, along with Havik, officially signed with Harmony Howse Ent./Mo Thugs Records in May, 2020. Secrets continues to work harder than ever, recording hit song after hit song with his Havik family. His musical influences lie on a well-respected spectrum of talent. His influences include artists such as Bone Thugs~N~Harmony and Evanescence. Secrets hopes to strongly move forward and continue making music for the fans. “If you have nothing to die for, you have nothing to live for” (Secrets).

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